Shainsware: Recycled Rubber Accessories That Send a Message (And Tweens Squealing)

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Why say it when you can wear it? Shainware's recycled and recyclable rubber accessories are designed to allow you to communicate your message, whether it's "Stop Global Warming" or "Future Mrs. Ed Cullen," simply by snapping on interchangeable letters, numbers, and icons into preexisting perforations.Shains photo
Photo credit: Shains

The company's line of Shains—an acronym for "State How Action is a Necessary Solution"—includes bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, ponytail holders, pins, key chains, and most recently, pet collars. But it's the tween girl set that we're positive will be sent into paroxysms of excitement.

Made entirely from recycled materials, the bracelets and cuffs comprise recycled thermoplastic elastomer, while the message "elements" are derived from recycled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. And the packaging, of course, is 100 percent recycled paper. (Did you expect anything less?)

Another upside: Shainsware donates a percentage of its profits to environmental groups. Word.

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