SF Green Festival 09 - More Than One Way to Rip a Shirt to Shreds

restructured shirt photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Restructured clothing was definitely at home at the San Francisco Green Festival this year. There were several fashion designers that knew how to shred old clothing and sew it into something new, creative, and stylish. Here we have Elisabethan, a line by Elisabeth Delehaunty - a clothing artist we've followed for years. It was fun to see her gorgeous creations at the fest, but she certainly wasn't the only seamstress. Check out some of the other great clothing lines making something hot out of something tossed.

restructured shirt photo

Elisabeth Delehaunty right now works mainly from collected t-shirts. She once worked primarily in vintage cloth but decided that it wasn't doing enough to keep waste from landfills - if she didn't use the cloth, someone else would. However, when it comes to t-shirts, even thrift stores can't move them all. So she collects what thrift stores can't sell, and makes something fun and funky from it, like the shirt pictured above.

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Madrone by Jenny Allen is a line that includes skirts and other accessories. The clothing artist is also a teacher, holding workshops showing people how to make beautiful new clothing by cleaning out their closet. From fingerless gloves to little elf-like slippers for kids, the line has a whimsical flair.

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Also somewhat whimsical, but more fun and funky, are these hats from Hat Girl, made from all sorts of fabrics. Like soft helmets, they're certainly enough to keep your head warm!

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