Sexy Swimsuit Collection Employs Women and Artisans in Brazil

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Photo: Olga Olsson

If a sunny vacation is on your radar or in your dreams, Olga Olsson's sultry, and sustainable, women's and men's swimsuit collection promises an eco splash come summer--don't miss the TreeHugger Swimsuit issue.

Based in London, the luxury swimsuit company employs women artisans in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to craft their suits, and they've already garnered celebrity fans, including Kate Moss and Elle McPherson. Click through for photos, and cute bums, too.

olga olsson sexy swimsuit photo

Mum's (almost) the word when it comes to Olga Olsson's ethical marketing speak. Ruth Ferguson, founder of Olga Olsson, writes in correspondence over e-mail:

I don't focus on the ethics in a lot of my marketing, because I think the design should come first for consumers; it should sit alongside other luxury brands. However, ethics are intrinsic to the brand, and the reason that I started Olga Olsson.

olga olsson sexy swimsuit photo

The collection employs a range of sustainable components. From locally-sourced swim fabrics and trims, dyed without azo dyes and desperse dyes, and hand-crocheted pieces to hand-painted and hand-dyed Brazilian silk kaftans. All tags are made from recycled components and are attached with a Fita do Bonfim ribbon which can reused and worn as a "make a wish" bracelet.

olga olsson sexy swimsuit photo

Olga Olsson's atelier in Rio follows an ethical code of conduct based on the Ethical Trading Initiative's (ETI) recommendations. As such, all seamstresses work in a light and bright environment, are paid fair living wages and are transported to and from the studio.

olga olsson sexy swimsuit photo

All photos: Olga Olsson

Visit Olga Olsson for more. What do you think of the collection? Do you even need a new suit? How long has your last one lasted? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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