Sexy String Bikinis Made with Old Eighties T-Shirts (DIY Video)

vin-t photo

Vin-T Bikini made with vintage t-shirts. Credit: Vin-T Bikini

Suit up and hit the beach eco-style this summer in a rockin' sustainable bikini (don't worry guys there's one for you, too). New-York based Vin-T Bikini creates custom, one-of-a-kind swimwear made with salvaged vintage t-shirts from rock concerts, almae matres, and more.

Building up hype for the forthcoming Lexus CT 200h hybrid, Lexus is offering $50 off Vin-T bikinis--and other weekly offers--with their "Dark Ride" VIP cards, according to the press release.

More photos of Vin-T's downtown-cool suits (and how to DIY), below the fold.

vin-t bathing suit

Image courtesy of Vin-T via Lexus
vin-t bikini photo

Image courtesy of Vin-T via Lexus

DIY: Vintage T-Shirt Bikini

And since this bikini is also of the DIY-variety we look to Threadbanger (via Curbly) to show us how (skip to 3 minutes), below.

Let us know how your bikini goes in the comment section, below.

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