Sexy, Spiky Stilettos Make Practical Cacti Planters

cacti planter

Credit: Giddy Spinster

While stilettos and cacti sounds--and looks--like an uncomfortable pairing, spikes compliment each other in these stiletto planters found on Etsy (seen first on EcoSalon). If your dancing shoes have made it one-too-many times around the stripper pole, consider upcycling them; In 3 simple steps worn shoes will emerge anew as spiky planters--your sad hoofs will thank you. More photos and DIY tips:

DIY: Stiletto Planter in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Select a worn shoe or one that has lost its pair.
  2. Remove the top of the shoe, sand it, and drill holes for drainage
  3. Plant it with a cacti, flower, or anything you wish.
cacti stiletto photo
Credit: Giddy Spinster
stiletto planter white photo
Credit: Giddy Spinster
stiletto planter heel
Credit: Giddy Spinster
black stiletto planter
Credit: Giddy Spinster

View more stiletto creations by Giddy Spinster on Etsy and more coverage over at EcoSalon.

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