Sexy and Sustainable Lingerie with a Rusty Twist (Photos)

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Credit: Jessica Watson; courtesy of Rio Wrenn

When it comes to sexy, sustainable lingerie we're all eyes. When we saw vintage-inspired and naturally-dyed undergarments by R.A.W., recently featured on Eco-Chick, we were intrigued. Rio Wrenn, the Oregon-based textile designer behind the collection, hand dyes natural fibers like silk with rust and copper objects to create patterns and colors. The result is anything but your ordinary slip. Click through for more on the dyeing process and for photos of comfortable corsets, sheer bras, erotic undies, and more. In an interview with Eco-Chick, Designer and Artist Rio Wrenn reveals what gives her luscious garments their natural color, below.

I'm pushing the boundaries of what people consider beautiful. The things I'm using are dirty, rusting, and things people wouldn't consider putting on their clothing. [I enjoy] finding beauty in uncommon means. I love nature and was always interested in the use of plants for medicinal healing, but probably the first thing that interested me in plants was using them as dyes.

According to Rio Wrenn's website, she also uses madder root, cochineal, pomegranate, and osage orange to create the tones throughout her 2010 collection.

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"Athena" bra in apricot. Credit: Jessica Watson; courtesy of Rio Wrenn
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"Natacha" slip; silk charmeuse. Credit: Jessica Watson; courtesy of Rio Wrenn
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charcoal slip green lingerie

"Sophie" slip in charcoal. Credit: Jessica Watson; courtesy of Rio Wrenn

"Ribbon" corset. Credit: Jessica Watson; courtesy of Rio Wrenn

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