Sexy and Sporty — The New g=9.8 Collection


Last year Kyeann brought us the news of a lingerie collection made from wood. Infinitely more attractive and wearable than that first sentence implies Lenpur® is a biodegradable fabric made from white pine tree clippings. The French fashion designer Sophie Young started the sexy and sporty g=9.8 label with pure enviro-friendly intentions and with women’s comfort in mind. These aims are taken care of in both the choice of sustainable textile, which is soft as silk, and the minimal, but sexily cut lines of the designs. g=9.8 is now expanding its range with a new line of sportswear for women. They tell us that the new line of ‘long-sleeved bodysuits, strappy tops or crossover tops, sports pants, combishorts, and crossover dresses emphasize the body while being comfortable.’ You see ladies, there’s no need to compromise sex appeal for comfort , especially when you are wearing wood! ::g=9.8