Seven Ply Recycled Skateboard Jewelry Turns Thrashin Into Fashion

Recycled Skateboard Jewelry Seven Ply Bangle Bracelet Photo
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For those of you not living in southern California, or not used to spending your days grinding on a skateboard, Seven Ply is the latest company to turn the skate world into an eco-friendly venture. Owner Lynn Weiler turns broken skateboard decks (the name comes from the 7 layers in a skateboard deck) into cuffs, necklaces and other stylin' gear - the perfect accessory to pair with your new skateboard.

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Recycled Skateboard Deck Large Hoop Earrings

According to Seven Ply, "we're breathing new life into these seven layers and converting this scuffed up boy toy into something beautiful for her." But for chicks with decks, you can also turn your broken boards into jewelry and dudes can find cool accessories like belt buckles and studs on the site as well. The skate industry has been ramping up the green aspects from hosting green contests and events to creating skateboard decks from bamboo and other sustainable materials. Recycled skateboard jewelry is just the latest avenue in the skate industry working towards closing the loop.

Recycled Bamboo Deck Seven Ply Necklace Photo
Recycled Skateboard Deck Necklace

Based in Ocean City, NJ, Lynn Weiler creates all pieces by hand. You can find them online at:Seven Ply Designs:Recycled Skateboard Jewelry
Recycled Skateboard Decks Belt Buckle Photo
Recycled Skateboard Deck Belt Buckle

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