Seeds, Leaves, Wood from the Amazon Make Sleek, Classy Jewelry

Necklace with paixubao seeds, Jewelry with Tucuma and Jarina seeds and Wood Photo

Photos: Courtesy of Haia Trading.
Haia Trading is a new company dedicated to spread Brazilian products and culture around the world, and one of their first releases is this delicate line of jewelry by designer Adriana Zaccaro. The pieces are made with seeds, stones, leaves, fibers and wood native from the Amazon forest, involving local communities. Take a closer look to the pieces inside.
Necklace with Jarina Seeds Photo

Necklace with Jarina Seeds Photo.

Besides from the material of these jewels being sustainable and biodegradable, the confection of the pieces takes place in association with local communities, helping them achieve better conditions of life.

Necklace with Paixubao Seeds Photo

Necklace with Paixubao Seeds Photo.

According to Samanta Cortez and Juliana Goncalves, from Haia Trading, "[the pieces by Adriana Zaccaro] bring the essence and mystic of thousands of years cultures from Amazon people, to whom the forest, much more then houses, has always been a resource respected as an endless source of life".

Necklace with Tiger Eye Stones Photo

Necklace with Tiger Eye Stones Photo.

For more on the line, contact Haia Trading through their website. More photos below.

Necklace with Paixubao and Acai Seeds and Wood Photo

Necklace with Paixubao and Acai Seeds and Wood.

Jewels from Coconut Gemstones and Amazonite Photo

Jewels from Coconut Gemstones and Amazonite.

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