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Want to be green but can’t resist wishing for a Louis Vuitton? Then why not pursuing a second hand one? As we mention in our How to Green Your Wardrobe, one of the easiest ways to go green is to buy used clothes. And if you are aiming for luxury brands, Club Nobili is the place for you. This Argentine based online store opened in 2006 and offers big brands mostly second hand but also new beverages, women and men clothes, house accessories, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and pens and technology. The site assures its operations are ‘risk free’: specialists take care of going through every published item, and when an item is purchased, those specialists receive the item before it gets to the buyer in order to check the originality (if the item is fake, it is returned to seller). Club Nobili also serves companies and works with non-profit organizations to host Charity Sales of luxury products. Another good news: most of the items are in pesos (an US dollar is worth three pesos), so some products might seem cheap to foreigners. Though they offer deliveries worldwide, it’s probably not worth the airplane travel. But whenever you’re in town remember to step by. ::Club Nobili