Sea Bags: Reusing Sails for Good

We run across our fair share of recycled-material bags around here, but we've never seen anything quit like these. Seabags make theirs from old sails, repurposing the durable material that would likely be off to the big sailboat in the sky: the nearest landfill. These bags represent an important philosophical and structrual difference from other bags we've featured, like the Freitag, which, for all of it's charms, is made from eco-bad-boy polyvinyl chloride (better known as vinyl or PVC) plastic. Most sails these days are made from polyester or Kevlar, which have less known consumer-level environmental dangers than PVC: production of the vinyl stuff produces nasty dioxins and commonly contains additives that are possible carcinogens. Yuck. Each Sailbag is hand-made from old sails that really made sailboats go, so they make a well-traveled conversation piece, too. ::Seabags via ::Cool Hunting