Scott Christensen Toro Tissue Ring

Ah, simplicity. Toro is another one for the couldn’t-be-more-minimal category. Scott Christensen figured you didn’t need a box round your tissues and I.D. Magazine agreed, giving him a Best of Category award in their Student Design Review. It actually works better than a box: the tissues are always right at the top, ready to be snatched without fumbling as soon as a dribbly nose strikes. Pair it recycled tissues from Seventh Generation and you’re all set. When you’re finished blowing your schnoz, use Toro to outfit the nearest bull with a stylish nose-ring. Or if you don’t fancy being gored, just recycle it. That’s what it’s designed for. $16 from Vessel. ::scott designworks [by KK]

If you can’t get enough minimalism, take a look at the bare-bones CD storage hubs from 5inch.

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