Schaschlik Knife Block by Martin Robitsch

Here's a quite cool design by Martin Robitsch (Honorable Mention in the Designboom IMM Cuisinale "Kitchen is the heart of the home" exhibition): It's a knife block called "Schaschlik". It is made of larch and bamboo skewers, and you can just put your knives in it without having to worry about getting each of them in a determined slot. It is a foot high (30.4 centimeters), so most knives should fit in it, but best of all, it looks cool. At US$110, it's expensive, but early adopters always pay more and the model currently sold is a "limited edition" (they don't say how many they have, so if you fell in love with it, better hurry). We expect that it someday will be made on a larger scale and at a smaller price, but who knows when that will be?

::Schaschlik Knife Block, via ::Cool Hunting