Save the Earth With Uranus Soy Undies

Uranus underwear photo

Photo credit: Uranus Apparel

With a tag line like "Help save planet Earth, starting with Uranus," our inner 10-year-old boy couldn't help but stifle giggles. Sophomoric humor aside, Uranus Apparel has enough eco-cred to back up its claim: The company's boy-short underwear for women are made from the protein byproducts of soy foods that would otherwise be thrown away.

The buttery soft "soy-shorts," which range in size from extra-small to large, come in sets of three ($19), in natural beige, black, and moss green. Bundled in biodegradable burlap drawstring sacks, the machine-washable and dryer-safe undies are warm and snug, yet they remain breathable enough for more sweltering temps. Oh the joy of soy—it's almost enough to make you want to flash the world Uranus.

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