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At some point throughout a woman's endless struggle (or so it seems) with her hair, we decide to do something drastic. Like color it. Whether that means dying it or highlighting it, almost every woman has done something to alter her true color. And yes, we are included (summer highlights, anyone?).

When we found Save Your World and their new Save Your Hair color-safe products, we jumped at the chance to lather up. But then we learned that Save Your World is so much more than just hair products we were even more intrigued.Save Your World goes to great lengths to ensure that its products, which includes body lotion, shower gel, soap, and lip balm in addition to shampoo and conditioner, are made in an environmentally sensitive manner. This means that they practice fair trade, ingredients are natural and biodegradable, packaging is made from recycled materials, no animal testing is used, and their products are free of harsh chemicals like parabens. Additionally, Save Your World is partners with Conservation International and generates a contribution of $0.15 to a whopping $4.50 per product that is sold, which directly benefits the conservation of rainforests. They strive to save an acre of rainforest in South America for from devastation due to logging and mining for every product they sell.

Now back to the hair products. We immediately enjoyed the scent ("Rainforest") as we squeezed some shampoo into the palm of our hand. It was sweet, yet spicy, yet smelling totally natural all at the same time. It lathered nicely and we didn't have to use a large amount for our long hair. The conditioner was even better. It had a light texture and was a much thinner conditioner than a traditional one, which made it easy to rinse out. Our hair was left soft, clean, and smelled amazing.

Scent and texture aside, perhaps what we liked the most about the Save Your Hair products is that they were chemical-free and enhanced our hair color naturally. The organic, moisture-rich formula consisted of aloe (to retain moisture and prevent brittleness), Yerba Mate (which contains 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids to replenish the scalp and hair), avocado oil (rich in vitamins A and E and one of the most penetrating moisturizers), and coconut oil (to add shine). This combination also helps to protect our hair UV rays and help reduce fading effects in the summertime sun.

So don't worry ladies, there are natural products that will protect our hair and help us get through our radical color decisions. Even if that color doesn't wash out fast enough. Save Your World

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