Satellite Earth Imagery Makes for Fascinating Summer 2010 Patterns

elroy spring 2010 photo

Elroy spring/summer 2010. Credit: Elroy

Ethically-focused fashion label Elroy Apparel has created a well-curated spring/summer collection of on-trend rompers, relaxed-fit pants, and flirty dresses--and they all retail for under $120 USD. The highlight of the collection is their digitally-printed organic cotton pieces with manipulated satellite images of Earth; a river labyrinth, a desert oasis, and the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. More from Elroy on their sustainable practices, below.

elroy spring collection photo

Elroy spring/summer 2010. Credit: Elroy
Elroy chooses to create ethical fashion - the design, sourcing, materials and manufacturing of our clothing is environmentally conscious and socially responsible. It is our goal to lead the way in delivering great quality, sustainable, fairly-traded, and beautiful clothing. We hope to educate and empower our clients to become more aware of their buying power, environmental footprint, and to encourage more conscious decision making.

Choosing clothing made of sustainable materials should not mean a complete change of lifestyle. We work to ensure that we include pieces that are better versions of what you may already own, along with unexpected wonders that become your new favorites.

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