Satch & Sol Sustainable Clothing Works with Artists in Mongolia

Satch and Sol Slippers Photo

Satch & Sol Kids' Booties. Image Source: Satch & Sol.

A beautifully, glowingly pregnant friend (there seem to be a lot right now) told us about Satch & Sol : an inspiring eco-friendly, mom-owned and operated business. These ladies are created children's clothing that is handmade worldwide, fair trade and earth-friendly. They have partnered with artisan cooperatives worldwide to bring you their clothing for newborns to 10 year-olds.

Their most recent collection is from Mongolia "reflecting the country's passion for color." The collection includes slippers, boots, knits and more delightful items for your eco-tots made by artists in Mongolia. And as you probably know, Fair Trade ensures that the artists receive liveable wages that are appropriate for the art they create and to support their families and communities.

Satch & Sol Artists in Mongolia Photo

Satch & Sol Artists in Mongolia. Image Source: Satch & Sol.

Their section on business practices also describes how they are incorporating earth-friendly strategies into their clothing. They are aiming to minimize materials especially when it comes to shipping, use all-natural dyes, using online marketing tools and FCC printers, dyes and paper selections. They also offset their shipping and for their website! We're impressed. These are the kind of sustainable entrepreneurs that others can learn from. Thanks tipster Rebekah. Image Sources: Satch & Sol.

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