Sasja Saptenno Turns Bicycle Inner Tubes Into Jewelry

Sasja Saptenno Recycled Inner Tube Necklaces Photo

Image via: Sasja Saptenno/Raoul Matulessy Photography
Sasja Saptenno, jewelry designer from Holland, has found one creative and fashionable use for all of those blown bike tires - and in her words "in Holland, many people have a bicycle!" Each of accessories, including the necklaces, bracelets and shawls (made from recycled PET bottles) are all made from recycled materials. Many of the necklaces are chunky, layered pieces, which is in style this season. A few of the pieces, we have to be honest, look like the paper garlands you make to hang on christmas trees, but maybe with the right outfit, they work.
Sasja Saptenno Zig Zag Recycled Inner Tube Necklace Photo
Saptenno picks up used bike inner tubes from bike shops, neighbors and even off her own bike after unfortunate mishaps. The bracelets are also chunky, and stick out from the arm. Honestly, the bracelets are probably not something you could wear every day, but they would definitely be a great conversational piece at a party, or a lead-in to talking about eco-friendly fashion and recycled jewelry.

She also has other neck embellishments, like "fleece" shawls made from used PET bottles that come in a variety of colors. The shawl is aptly titled "bulb shawl" and it does have a textured look, or as she refers to it a "3-D shawl." Saptenno jewelry can be found in stores and museum shops around the world.:Sasja Saptenno
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