Sardinian Delights


We loved these handbags from this year's Estethica show at London Fashion Week. They are made in a small village in Sardinia, by women in the town. They are handwoven and are a take on the traditional designs which are passed on through the generations. Usually they are woven into a bedspread and for a wedding trousseau and go from grandmother to mother to daughter. But these skills are disappearing due to the rise in technology, globalization and the emphasis on the new new.

The founder of this small company is Sardinian and is passionate about preserving the old traditions and honouring his heritage. He is working with the local women to make the designs more contemporary--similar to old traditional patterns, but with a modern twist. The bags are hand-made on traditional looms, the wool is from the sheep in the mountain village, the bags are lined with recycled fabric and ends of rolls of fabric. Eco-luxury combined with age-old tradition, a stylish combination. :: Pibiones by Antonello Via :: London Fashion Week

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