Sarah Hood's "Organic" Jewellery


Sarah Hood makes use of real flowers, petals, magnolia leaves, eucalyptus and acorns and turns them into exquisite necklaces, bracelets and rings. The one pictured is made of sterling silver and chinese lantern pods, the most delicate of plants. Another necklace is made of acorns, hanging in a row, and capped with silver, also available as a bracelet. She makes a living ring with a little spider plant or cactus growing out of it. How they will all last and not rot or be crushed is another story. As an extra-special baby gift, there is a silver spoon (what else) with a handle cast from real garden vegetables and "Eat Your Vegetables" imprinted on the spoon part.

The designer is interested in how things decompose. She has "a desire to embrace the impermanence of the natural world around me. Rather than lamenting the transience of life, this jewelry celebrates it, transforming decay into beauty and lyricism, fragility into a strength of purpose." Hood is a Buddhist and the work is clearly influenced by the idea of the impermanence and the transiency of life as well as the importance of the moment. :: Sarah Hood Via :: Inhabitat

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