Runway-Worthy Recycled Jewelry Made from Nuts, Bolts, Zippers, and More (Photos)

zipper necklace photo

Erica Corte Atelier necklace made with recycled zippers. Credit: Edwin Flores

Argentinian-born designer Erica Corte, now based in New York City, crafts usually hard-looking materials into soft, feminine, and beautifully-handmade jewelry. At first glance, you'd never guess what they're made out of: recycled industrial hardware components, including nuts, bolts, cutter pins, zippers, silk cord, and fine silver mesh. View more photos of the Erica Corte Atelier collection:

recycled pins necklace photo

Necklace made with recycled metal cutter pins and recycled nuts over organic cotton. Credit: Edwin Flores

Corte speaks to her design process, below. From her website:

I am intrigued by the possibilities of using simple hardware components with industrial qualities, and transforming them with my hands into unique, wearable objects of beauty.

And she does just that. More pictures, below.

recycled jewelry photo

Necklace made with recycled metallic balls, recycled metallic mesh, and organic ribbon. Credit: Edwin Flores
recycled bracelet photo

Credit: Edwin Flores
recycled necklace erica corte

Credit: Edwin Flores
recycled plastic jewelry photo

Credit: Edwin Flores
recycled-silver mesh necklace photo

Credit: Edwin Flores

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