Run Hard, Tread Lightly With Atayne's Recycled Sportswear

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It all began with a red shirt. Just two years ago, while prepping for the fall marathon season, Jeremy Litchfield purchased a red performance shirt that promised to reduce skin temperature while drying faster—a whole three minutes—than competing products. Off he ambled on a hot, humid summer's day. Before long, Litchfield started to sweat, red dye rolling down his legs. By the end of his workout, his shorts, socks, and shoes were soaked in a florid hue.

The incident got Litchfield's mental gears spinning: What chemical toxins were being absorbed into his skin even as he was trying to make himself healthier by running? A cursory investigation into the makeup of his shirt presented a tenth of a gallon of petroleum, antimony, dioxins, heavy metals, AZO dyes, and an unpronounceable chemical finish. To offer an alternative to the red shirts that abounded in the world of sportswear, Litchfield started Atayne, a line of performance athletic wear with a triple-P bottom line: performance, people, and planet.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and activated carbon derived from coconut shells, Atayne's sportswear for men and women is designed to be moisture-wicking, UV-protecting, odor-controlling, and temperature-regulating, without all the tongue-twisting chemical treatments.

Look out for Atayne's recycling program this summer, as well. Send in your worn-out polyester-based performance togs and get a $5 credit toward a new Atayne garment.

Prices start at $38.

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