Run Amuck With Jewelry Made From Street Signs, License Plates

Amuck jewelry photo
Photo credit: Amuck

If you're clamoring to top off your street cred, word on the block is you can't get more real than bling sawed off from decommissioned street signs and license plates. Designed by husband-and-wife duo Bryan and Andrea Ring, Amuck's collection of feisty revamped regalia has a hipster edge and a retro vibe, as well as a fun and funky rhythm that doesn't take itself too seriously. (Beads, bows, and other found materials soften any tough corners.)The Kansas, Miss.-based metalsmiths are inspired by urban street art, producing pieces like Roger the Skull, a pendant hacked together from a No Dumping sign and installed with rivets in place of eye sockets. Tattoos get their day, too: A Men Working sign gets retooled into the classic heart-and-banner motif, with handmade copper rivets holding up sentiments like "Moxie" and "Punk."

If you're looking for another traffic-stopper, try the City Bird necklace on for size. The Rings made their faux-feathered creation out of a stop sign and license plate, then buoyed it on wings of sterling silver.

Amuck jewelry photo
Photo credit: Amuck
Amuck jewelry photo
Photo credit: Amuck
Amuck jewelry photo
Photo credit: Amuck
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