Ruby Red Offers Organic Lemon Shea Butter For Summer

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Ruby Red, maker of organic and natural skin-care products, now offers their lemon organic shea butter. Shea butter does a great job, possibly the best, of really keeping dry, chapped skin nice and soft.

All of Ruby Red's products are made directly in their London shop, down to the last detail, including the packaging. They feel that the difference is they make their products without heating any of the materials during manufacturing, kind of like what you find with raw foods. The scents are all developed using combinations of organic oils.Why does Ruby Red feel this lotion is so great - well no synthetics, no artificial colors and no petroleum-based or animal-based additives, for a start. Plus, the lemon smell is a fresh flavor for summer. What makes shea butter so special - well its rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and is "ethically sourced from a community in Ghana."

The Organic Lemon Shea Butter retails for £9.99 for a 50ml container. The organic lemon shea butter is made from shea nut butter, lemon peel oil, New Zealand forest honey - all of which are organic.

Ruby Red also offers their shea butters in other flavors like lavender, as well as other products like bath soaks, and gift packages. All of their packaging is made from recycled materials and the company is working to reduce its carbon footprint.

You can find Ruby Red in farmers markets around London, as well as online.

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Ruby Red Offers Organic Lemon Shea Butter For Summer
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