Rubber Wallets Made From Inner Tubes are Nearly Indestructible


It's been a while since I've posted on anything fashion-oriented. But I was browsing over at Wired when these slick wallets caught my eye, and they definitely deserve a shout out. Made from old bicycle inner-tubes, with felt and fabric sections added on, the wallets are said to feel so far from the rubber materials they started out as that they actually feel closer to velvet to the touch. Oh yeah, and they're almost indestructible. More pics after the jump.


The wallets are from a company called Wikkerink Design. From Wired:

Wikkerink Design has taken a stack of old tubes and fashioned them into billfolds and wallets of various shapes, along with belts and credit-card holders. Combined with felt and fabric sections, these look like they would last you forever, and as the rubber is a natural material they should age gracefully, like leather or Sean Connery.


Wired is also quick to note that they don't smell like old or burned out rubber. To me, these fulfill the most important criteria for a modern green product: they're made from recycled materials, are durable so they'll last long and prevent the need to be replaced, and are appealingly designed and will attract an audience. Cool.

The wallets start at $21, and are for sale at

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