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Revolution Organics Body Creme Photo
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Revolution Organics Body Balm Photo

Lotion that you can use on your face, arms, lips, elbows, heels, (would you really rub this tube on your lips and your heels? probably not), the new 22 in 1 body balm by Revolution Organics promises just that. Revolution Organics brings several new moisturizing products that are 100% natural and able to moisturize every inch of your body, "from your nose to your toes." Recently I tried several of their products and was pleasantly surprised at these "multi-taskers."The lip balm feels just like putting butter on your lips (honestly, there's really no other way to describe it), not that thats a bad thing. There is a shiny residue and almost gives your lips the shimmer of a lip gloss rather than a lip balm. Just like all of their products, there are only natural oils in the lip balm and USDA food grade organic ingredients. Founders Alexandra Zanella and Melissa Shabinsky felt it's import to ensure that ingredients in a lip balm are healthy because "what goes on your lips, goes IN your body." Hours after application, my lips still felt moist. Tip for the lips: mix with a lip color to give extra shine to your regular lipstick. You can also use the lip balm as an eye gel, or on rough areas like nail cuticles. The lip balm retails for $24 USD.

The All-Over Body Balm is a creative idea. The balm is travel-friendly because its a non-liquid lotion so in the US you can easily bring it on an airplane with you. It comes out of the tube in a stick, like a sunscreen or a deodorant tube. The balm is a little crumbly when you first put it on (if you've ever used a product with shea butter you know what I'm talking about), but quickly blends into the skin and gives ultra moisture protection, the way only shea butter products can. The balm is a blend of natural oils and USDA food grade organic ingredients and has a light citrus smell. The crumbly balm can be a little bit of a mess when it goes back in the tube, but for shea butter and its deep moisturizing properties, I can overlook that. The body balm retails for $28.

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The all-over skin creme was probably my favorite. It has a fresh, citrus smell and the texture of apple butter or even cinnamon butter. (The products are all made from natural ingredients, guess that explains all of the food references). The creme is light and I found that a little goes a long way. The ingredients are all chosen for what they can bring to the table in terms of health benefits: for example, Vitamin C to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, rice bran to promote cellular renewal and organic sweet almond, apricot and olive oils to deeply nourish skin. The Organic All-Over Skin Creme retails for $33 USD.

All of the products at Revolution Organics are absent synthetics, chemicals, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial ingredients or animal testing. I appreciated that none of their products had that sneaky "cover-their-bases" of "...and natural ingredients" in their ingredients list. Each of the items are things you can pronounce and probably even know what they look like, except for a few items in the skin creme. Shabinksy and Zanella, veterans of the cosmetic industry, also created the items to be as natural as possible, but also to reduce the number of different cosmetic items you normally purchase by creating items with multiple uses.

The products come in a very modern, trendy red and black label tube, which is made from 100% FSC certified paper with vegetable-based inks. The tubes seem a little large, but at least they are compostable. The colors and the style make them look like they should be on a MAC counter, and it makes it hard to just throw them in a bathroom drawer - much easier to throw them in a purse and take them on the town with you. The cute packaging would also make them a nice gift.

The items are a bit expensive, but if you can get away with using the balm for several surfaces then maybe they are more cost effective. Revolution Organics can be found online at Revolution Organics or at Organics
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