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Anthony and Celeste Lilore, creators of RESTORE Clothing, are an eco-force to sit-up and play attention to. While other clothing brands merely skirt under the minimum requirements to be called green - the Lilore team put their brand where their mouth is. RESTORE (an acronym for Responsible, Earth Friendly, Sustainable, Technological, Organic, Recycled and Ergonomic) is urban-centric active wear that caters to the needs of both sexes without losing style, functionality or environmental-friendliness. The timeless cuts are modern making the garments easy to wear to a yoga class or out after work. Embedded in each piece of the collection is a commitment for well-crafted details and a taste for excellence. RESTORE provided Lucy Jones and myself with free samples to try-out to see if the clothes could stand-up to city-life New York style. For two months, Jones and I wore the products to work-out sessions, half-marathons, yoga, pole dancing (Jones, not me), restaurants, events, museums and the park all the while throwing them in the laundry over and over and over to see how durable and true-to-form the clothing real was.

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Jones says:
The fabric stays stretchy and soft to keep the support you need for a yoga class and felt comfortable walking around in the spandex pants in public. When I first was introduced to the pieces, I thought it would feel plastic since they're made from recycled plastic bottles. I found the clothes are just the opposite - very cottony and comfortable, even when working up a sweat. The design really understands what someone needs to realistically work out. Plus, I like the way the garments look walking around the streets of New York City. I use the pants and the top in my S-Factor classes and they are perfect. The tops have a built-in demi bra so, unless you are busty, it is great for yoga, Pilates, walking or cycling.

I didn't think the clothing was going to make the grade for me. When I first got the pants, they kinda looked like cotton jogging pants I was issued in jr. high gym...which, I wasn't a fan of. But you really have to wear them to experience just how amazing they are. Sense I started testing them - I've started to wear them more and more. Anthony Lilore told me I'd love them - but I thought he was just trying to be a good salesman. I discovered he wasn't blowing smoke - they are super comfortable, quite stylish and great for an early morning run. The only drawback is that I found myself fishing out the drawstring of the pant waist. Of course, I keep fishing it out because I like wearing the pants so much.

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The fabrics used range from organic cotton and Repreve® nylon made from100% recycled fabrics to lining made of Cocona®, an activated carbon from the shells of coconuts. Their zippers come strictly from eco-conscious manufacturers, their hangtags are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper with soy ink and their garments are shipped in biodegradable bags and recycled cardboard boxes. Plus the Lilores are actively involved in Made in NYC which supports over 7,000 manufacturing companies in NYC employing nearly 100,000 New Yorkers.

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