Rescued Sheep Supply Wool for Eco-Chic Knits for Winter (and Summer)

north circular ss11 photo
Photo: North Circular
The North Circular's chic knits are perfect for current winter temps, but they're dually suited for cooler spring days and breezy summer nights.

We've covered the UK-based knitwear label that uses only ethical wool--knitted by grannies, supported by supermodels--from Wensleydale sheep that graze on organic land before, but their most recent collection of soft, cozy knits for spring 2011--now available for men--is oh so crush-worthy:
The Wensleydale sheep would have been slaughtered for being male or having imperfections in their fleece, instead they live on an organic sanctuary and their wool is spun and dyed naturally within a 120 mile radius of the sheep's cozy shed where they will live.

north circular ss11 crochet beanie photo
Bone crochet beanie, spring 2011. Photo: North Circular
north circular ss11 ladder necklace photo
Black ladder necklace, spring 2011. Photo: North Circular
diamond gloves great navy photo
Navy diamon gloves, fall 2010. Photo: North Circular

Visit The North Circular to shop their current winter collection. Would you wear their knits year-round? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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