Rescued Paper

Recycled paper notebooks and cards are getting better and better looking. For recycled cards, look no further than Lisa Jones. She does cards on recycled paper that are modern, clever and stylish. There is a series of black and white animals with their own names, such as Saffron (pictured), Pamela (pig) and Clover(a cat) as well as a series for children with clean, bright graphics. Or there are exercise books that look like those children's scribblers from the 50's but are brand new. Made completely of discarded paper which is folded and bound so that you are writing on the back of printed pages. They are solid and striking, and come in small, medium or large. Perfect for keeping all those to-do lists in an environmentally correct way.The travel journals have covers made from linen maps from the 60's and recycled paper pages--they will serve you well on the next long train ride.

For those who like leather covers, there are colourful recycled leather pocket notebooks that come in red, blue, pink and black with recycled cream paper, bound with elastic. Lucy Jane Batchelor's cards are completely different--seemingly old fashioned with a quirky touch, in pastel colours. She makes them for all occasions and each design is odd but fascinating. Lots of ideas to choose from for your next purchase. :: Style Will Save Us

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