ReSails: The Original Recycled Sail Bag


It's getting a bit warmer here in New England which means that all of our stores in downtown Newport are beginning to open their doors from the winter. We have one in particular that we enjoy browsing in and checking out their new products. ReSails, celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, is still making the same style bag that inspired the start of the company back in 1997. We've seen a couple of bags recently that are similar (Sea Bags, Red Flag Design and Uncommon Goods), but ReSails was the first to rework sailcloth into something usable. We love the rugged look of the bags and how they are fully lined inside to keep moisture out. In addition to "the original recycled sail bag," you can also find belts, wallets and dog collars. ReSails is owned by Hooley USA, whose recycled kite vest we mentioned before. ::ReSails ::Hooley USA