Removing the Hair Down There

A pair of legs

The hair on your legs, silly! If there is a way to improve on leg-waxing, then Moom has done it. This Canada-based product works just like regular wax in theory, only its better because its nicer on your skin, Certified Organic and has reusable applicator strips. We aren't here to argue the merits or politics of hair removal, but if you're in the market (male or female) for an easy, eco-way to rid yourself of hair then Moom is a great option. The "wax" itself is sugar based, which is fantastic for people just getting into waxing. Unlike traditional wax-based products, if you change your mind, you're not forced to rip layers of skin off while trying to get the wax off. With Moom, you simply run your legs under the tap and the sugar-scrub comes right off.

The strips are made from canvas and the best part — they're reusable! After waxing, simply soak them for a few minutes in water, lay them out to dry and they are ready to be used again and again.

Moom is chemical-free, wax-free, resin-free and almost pain-free, with no chemicals, perfumes or artificial substances. The ingredients are all natural, instead of a listing of weird toxins you can't pronounce. Moom is a combo of organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic chamomile, organic tea tree oil and water. That's it. It also smells good during the process because you're basically rubbing sugar on yourself.

I've tried waxing before and never really got the hang of it so I was skeptical when I first tried Moom, but it won me over. I like that its less mess, less stress and less waste when its all said and done. Your legs don't like they're on fire and if you have to stop at any point you can just wash the product off and walk away. The only downside is that I can't find refill jars in stores — so when I run out of product, I have to buy a whole new package. This defeats the beauty of reusable applicator strips if I'm buying new ones each time.

Moom can be found in health-stores and online at and is a member of Beauty Without Cruelty.

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