Redewin: New Online Eco-Store

Image courtesy of Redewin

Redewin, a new online eco-store that sells unique vintage and reconstructed clothing, just launched last week. It offers eco-conscious consumers a new option in shopping for stylish, one of a kind clothes, and it’s great destination for choosing green clothing. All of the items on Redewin are created from used garments—they take button-ups, t-shirts, dresses, doilies, sweaters, jeans, etc, and stitch them together to create innovative, intriguing new fashion blends. The clothes are creative and singular—and they elevate the term ‘recycled clothing’ to new fashionable heights. The site features a wide range of items—from men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing lines to re-stitched pillows, everything gets the chic, reconstructed treatment at Redewin. And shopping online is a lot easier than making your own recycled clothing.

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