Recycled Sweater Coats Channel Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat (Photos)

recycled sweater coat photo
Photo: Katwise

TreeHugger readers sure know how to scout green fashion on Etsy: when I posted about an artist who transforms recycled sweaters into festive winter coats they were quick to bring Katwise to my attention in the comments section. The New York-based designer and self-proclaimed "gypsy" crafts vibrant technicolor dreamcoats, also known as "Elf Couture," from reclaimed and recycled sweaters.
Katwise coats offer amazing colors but, as one TreeHugger commenter informed us, they are not as colorful in person. Following my post on Jill2day's recycled sweater coats, commenter Carolyn says: "I had to return two Katwise coats because the colors in the photo were not accurate. I love the way her coats look online, but unfortunately they appear much more colorful than they actually are." They are, however, still beautiful to look at.

recycled sweater coat photo
recycled sweater coat photo
recycled sweater coat photo
recycled sweater coat photo
All photos: Katwise

So if you're ever in need of elf couture, or whimsical, free-spirited fashion, you know where to look: Katwise's Etsy shop. According to the site, the designer does not accept custom orders and pricing ranges from $80 for hoodies and up to $400 for coats. Katwise can also be found on Facebook.

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