Recycled Rubber from Tires, Ready-to-Assemble Bags by Modulab

Photo: Ready to assemble recycled tires bags, by Modulab studio in Chile.

Chilean studio Modulab (featured before) has launched its latest project: a line of bags made from recycled rubber from the automobile industry that comes in a 'sheet' shape and is assembled on destination, achieving a considerable reduction of space in shipping and in energy related to manufacturing.

The line is called RTA (ready to assemble) and includes three types of bags: an envelope, a handbag and a messenger bag. Each sheet of recycled rubber comes with the specific slots and pins for the consumer to put the bag together at home, without any glue or sewing involved. Energy used in the making of the entire bag is 100% human, except in the production of the material itself.

More about the material, the firm, and more pictures in the extended. Via: Tip from Modulab.Tires: Recycled, not repurposed

As mentioned, the rubber used by Modulab in this line is not the typical. Most of the brands that make bags with recovered tires work with the inner tubes, but the Chilean firm is using recycled rubber from the pneumatic itself, which is re-vulcanized in the form of sheets to produce the bags.

Even though the recycling process takes more energy than the sole repurposing of the inner tubes, the material recovered is more.

Image that shows how to assemble the recycled tires bags by Modulab studio in Chile.

Image that shows how the bags are assembled.
More on Modulab

We've told you about Modulab before. This Chilean firm was one of our first posts from Latin America and they've been working with repurposing of banners from the advertising industry since 2005.

Last year, the firm signed an agreement with Disney distributors in Chile to be able to put into use the cinema posters of Disney movies in bags. Some of the designs can be seen on their website.

In Chile, Modulab sells at Zoo Concept and at the Bellas Artes Museum of Chile. Internationally, their products are distributed by Ecoist in the United States and More than Hip in Europe.

Information provided by Modulab.

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Photo: Ready to assemble recycled tires messenger bag, by Modulab studio in Chile.

The RTA recycled tires messenger bag.
Photo: Ready to assemble recycled tires handbag, by Modulab studio in Chile.

The RTA recycled tires handbag.
Photo: Ready to assemble recycled tires purse, by Modulab studio in Chile.

The RTA recycled tires purse.

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