Recycled Paper Bags by Maria Laura Higa

We found these cute bags at the Latin American Art Museum (Malba) Store in Buenos Aires. They're made by Argentinean graphic designer María Laura Higa with interlaced recycled paper straps.
Maria Laura started her work inspired with his Japanese grandfather's Origami tradition. "There's a Japanese legend which says whoever gets a terminal disease can get better if he/she gets to a thousand paper cranes, and my grandfather, Francisco Arakaki, got cancer in the eighties. But having surpassed this goal, his last year was 2004, so it seemed to me that this was not only a legend", tells the designer. That's how she got interested in the subject and started to deepen her knowledge about this material. "Paper is interesting because there's something paradoxical in its fragility and resistance at the same time", she adds.
Her bags are made with paper from magazines, journals and brochures, and this line we are showing has only Japanese text and figures. Their cost is about 120 pesos, which would be around 40 dollars. For more details or purchases, e-mail the designer.