Recycled Jewelery From Straws, Records and Phone Cards

cheery cheap photo

Image from Linda Schailon

If you are yearning for something cheap and cheerful to liven up your boring post-winter, not-yet-spring wardrobe, here's the trick: recycled jewelery made from old vinyl records or straws. Sounds strange but looks great.

Designer Linda Schailon makes a collection of unique and quirky rings from recycled plastic drinking straws. She shapes them in a range of pink and girlie colours, and one size fits all because the elbow of the straw expands.

cheap cheer photo

Image from Linda Shailon

Calling her collection Flow, she mixes and matches colours and pieces of straw and creates endless varieties of accessories. They are cheap (€ 8 or $ 11.00 ) and so much fun, in happy colours like green and pink and orange and yellow combo's. Buy one for you and one for your friend.

vinyl pins photo

Image from psfk

If old vinyl records are more your look, then how about these pins. Cat Davison designs custom jewelry made from recycled vintage records.

Her latest, Heat the Beat, features a series of dinosaur earrings and pins, underwater creatures or musical notes.

guitar picks photo

Image from Cat Davison

She uses other familiar materials such as silver, resin, felt, ribbon, buttons, toy food, fridge magnets, curtain tassels, guitar picks and "anything else I am able to get my hands on."

mana necklace photo

Image from touch

This lovely necklace, from Mana, is made from recycled phone cards, hence the multi-coloured look. They are created by a Brazilian designer who uses supposedly unusable materials such as PET bottles, phone cards, toothpicks, hair clips, plastic netting, pearls, silver, and gold. The designer also works with teenagers and students in Sao Paulo, teaching them jewelery making and entrepreneurial skills.