Recycled Inner-Tube Shoelaces Transform Kicks Into Slip-Ons

bike tube shoelaces photo

Photo: jacco1997/
Alchemy Goods--makers of recycled accessories from upcycled materials--is hosting an Inner Tube Reuse Contest with and the submissions have already started to roll in. Among them is an innovative way to use, well, recycled bike inner tubes as shoelaces (via Craftszine): user jacco1997 has submitted a reuse for bike innertubes that turns shoes into slip-ons in 6 easy steps; all you need is a pair of laced shoes, an inner tube, and scissors.

View step-by-step directions, browse more submissions, and/or enter your own reuse for a bicycle inner tube at

How have you reused bicycle inner tubes? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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