Recycled Fashion Moves Forward: Preloved Starts Again After Devastating Fire

Preloved Toronto Store photo

Photo of Preloved's Toronto store by Preloved.

Even if you don't always love Preloved's results, you've got to love their approach. Preloved's designs are one-of-a-kinds constructed from recycled, reclaimed fabrics and even pre-constructed bits - button-down shirt panels, sweater sleeves - and fashioned into new pieces with a modern aesthetic.

Toronto-based Preloved has been around in one form or another since 1995. The company suffered a devastating fire last February - see photos of the blaze after the jump - and has rebuilt from the ashes, opened a new store (there are Montreal and Sydney locations, too) just down the street from the old one, revamped the web site, and will soon open an online boutique.

Preloved Toronto Fire photo

Photo of Toronto Feb. 2008 fire by Torontoist.
Recycled fabrics, fresh aesthetic
Founder Julia Greve brought her sensibility as a fashion model together with creative director Peter Friesen's design aesthetic, and for the most part the marriage is a successful one. At its best, Preloved gives you that vintage feeling in much more modern forms - and your size! Sometimes Preloved goes a little awry, and some individual items have a bit of a Frankenfeel. Most of the time, however, the approach works and is worth the more-trendy-than-vintage prices (around $100 for a nifty vest, for example). Via: Preloved
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