Recycled Cashmere Quilts


‘Tis the season for baby showers, weddings and springtime gatherings so next time you’re looking for a gift, think practical. Everyone could use one of these recycled cashmere blankets, whether as a throw while reading a good book or to wrap their new bundle of joy. Designer Wu Moonching uses recycled bits of cashmere that come donated or from moth-bitten sweaters found at local thrift shops. She cuts them into strips and then sews each together with contrasting thread and then backs it with cotton gauze. The results are beautiful blankets made of one-of-kind varying shades. And they are so lightweight that they can be used all year round. Moonching also offers scarves made from recycled materials as well as recycled iPod cases. Thanks for the tip, Heidi B.! Via ::Daily Candy ::Sun Moon Lake Quilts