Recycled Bags from Alchemy Goods

If you’ve been reading TreeHugger for awhile, you know that when it comes to recycled rubber we do our homework and we admit that we don’t like a lot of the things we see. However, one of our tipsters, Steve A., sent us to Alchemy Goods, a small business in Seattle that makes bags from recycled materials. The bags have an exterior of recycled bike inner tubes from shops around Seattle making them completely waterproof, which we definitely like. The shoulder straps are made from recycled seat belts salvaged from junkyards and the zipper pulls are made from the valve stems of the same inner tubes that are used for the exterior. Each bag is assembled by hand, making no two bags the same. Alchemy prints the percent by weight of recycled content of each bag right on the logo inside the bag. It varies depending on the product, but it's great to see that they are educating the customer. One other nice feature is that all the bags Alchemy makes are guaranteed for life. ::Alchemy Goods