Reclaimed Sweaters Show Moths Who's Boss

reclaimed moth sweater photo

Photo: Stella Neptune

Never one to let a quality, albeit moth-eaten, cashmere sweater go to waste, Eva Kisevalter, the designers behind Los Angeles-based design house Stella Neptune, breaths new life into these winter staples with moth-shaped appliques to cover the holes (via Magnifeco). The patches are hand screen printed on recycled cashmere, hand cut, then hand sewn over the moth hole. Due to the varying snack habits of moths, the placement of the moths on each sweater is unique. Oh, and did we mention you can DIY, too? See below.

reclaimed moth sweater photo

The Bella Moth Cashmere Sweater. Photo: Stella Neptune

Stella Neptune's products are all sourced, designed, sewn, and hand screen-printed in Los Angeles, California. Sweaters are created from larger cashmere sweaters and each varies slighlty in shape and color. Find them conveniently online--as well as other fun, festive, accessories--at Stella Neptune for $140. Or, DIY with a moth applique kit, below, for $25.

reclaimed moth sweater photo

A Stella Neptune DIY kit. Photo: Stella Neptune

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