Reclaimed Marble Jewelry by Jessie Alon Is Bellisimo

Reclaimed marble necklace photo

Photo credit: UncommonGoods
Jessie Alon's exquisite handcrafted jewelry, cast from a mixture of reclaimed marble and recycled glass, has a storied—or should we say storeyed—history. Created using a 15th century Venetian technique known as terrazzo (Italian for "terrace"), which Alon stumbled upon when she and her husband were building their home, her Wheel of Life necklaces, bracelets, and earrings wear their Old World-by-way-of-Vermont grandeur with unassuming ease.

Reclaimed marble earrings

Photo credit: UncommonGoods

Like the Venetian craftsmen of antiquity who mixed leftover marble chips with mortar to create seamless flooring, Alon layers natural elements like river rocks and semiprecious gems to add color and texture, before placing the discs atop hand-hammered 100 percent recycled sterling silver.

Available exclusively at UncommonGoods, the pieces, which come in rust, blue, and green hues, start at $45.

Reclaimed marble bracelets photo

Photo credit: UncommonGoods
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