Really Trashy Umbrellas

This continues to be the worst and rainiest "summer" in years; even if it starts out looking good in the morning, and you think that it will be a proper summer day, no matter what you wear, the rain keeps coming. So an umbrella seems to be the most prudent purchase. If you need a new one to perk up your spirits, here's a sunny suggestion; bright and colourful and made out of recycled detergent packets that were cut, collaged, and carefully sewn together. The edges are lined and the handle is wood.

Monsoon Vermont make products out of garbage such as shower curtains, hand bags wallets and waste baskets; all collected by scavengers in Indonesia. They use plastic based products that will never degrade, like detergent packets, and would otherwise sit in landfill sites for hundreds of years. The Scavenger Project is the creation of Julia Gennatosio, an aid worker who visited Jakarta Indonesia in 2005 and saw people scavenging through rubbish heaps looking for food, and other 'valuable' items. Now they work with scavenger artists to fund a clean water programme in the slums. :: Monsoon Vermont via :: Hippyshopper

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