Real Men Deserve a New (Versus Form Messenger) Bag Too

These great looking bags are made of billboard posters from the streets of London. Each one is individually created:: "we wash them, cut them, sew them by hand and eventually fall in love with them". VersusForm uses recycled advertising banners for their products. They believe that" recycling is good. We believe that it will be a big and useful thing in the future and we want to make it sexy".

The bags come in different sizes—there is an extra- large messenger bag to hold books and notes and laptops. The large sized would be good for everyday use. The small one is for "clubbing and chilling". They all have compartments for keys, mobile phones, pens etc. There are wallets as well, the folding kind,with different pockets for coins and drivers licenses. The colours are bright and eye-catching: yellows, whites and blacks with bits of red and blue. All with very strong graphics.


The bags are unique—you get to pick the design, colour, shape and image and they make it up for you in a couple of weeks.


And for the women: don't feel left out—they make wallets and make-up bags for you which are just as good looking.

::Versusform via ::Hiipyshopper via ::Ecologist

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