Rainforest Action Network's Next Step to Get Fashion Out of Indonesian Forests

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Summer Rayne Oakes, Olivia Zaleski, and Kate Dillon at RAN's Don't Bag Indonesia's rainforest' campaign launch at the GreenShows, New York Fashion Week. Credit: RAN

Rainforest Action Network's (RAN) "Don't bag Indonesia's rainforest" campaign has had overwhelming success since its launch at the GreenShows during New York Fashion Week. Over 20 leading fashion brands--from Gucci Group to Valentino, Versace, and Prada--have taken action against deforestation in Indonesian Forests--driven by top fashion brands' demand for custom packaging and shopping bags. Click through for the campaign's next steps during New York Fashion Week in 2010:Major paper supplier to these companies, PAK 2000 has announced that they will cut financial ties with majority shareholder, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and parent company Sinar Mas Group (SMG) by the end of this month. They will also work with RAN on a leadership paper policy that incorporates strong preferences for recycled and Forest Stewardship Council certified papers, less carbon intensive papers, and high conservation value forest fiber, including fiber from Indonesia.

RAN hopes to promote further action by the fashion industry and is calling on leaders to sign their open letter, below. The letter will be placed in a prominent outlet during New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 in February.

An Open Letter to Fashion Brands and Retailers:

Join with us to fight climate change and save Indonesia's rainforests.

Indonesia's rainforests are some of the most biodiverse on the planet and they're also vital for the climate. Tragically, they are being lost faster than any other forest on Earth.

This rapid deforestation is causing a massive release of the carbon formerly stored in trees and soils, making Indonesia the world's third largest greenhouse gas emitter. As forests are destroyed, unique ecosystems are also threatened, pushing species like orangutans to the brink of extinction. Many of the most reputable brands and fashion leaders in the U.S. and Europe are taking an important step to fight climate change and stop the destruction of Indonesia's endangered tropical rainforests by changing where they buy the shopping bags and other paper products used in their offices and storefronts.

Companies like Tiffany & Co., the Gucci Group, H&M; Group, Ferragamo, and Hugo Boss have cut ties with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and their parent company the Sinar Mas Group (SMG), arguably Indonesia's leading rainforest destroyers. These fashion companies are adopting "leadership" procurement policies, cutting their paper consumption, eliminating fiber from endangered forests and committing to purchasing only recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper in their shopping bags and all the other paper they use, from personalized stationery to copy paper.

We, the undersigned, are asking the rest of the fashion industry and retailers to join us in helping to save Indonesia's endangered rainforest and stop climate change. We urge them to discontinue purchasing any products from Asia Pulp and Paper and other controversial suppliers and to adopt and implement a leadership procurement policy that ensures that their packaging, paper use and environmental footprint are environmentally and socially responsible.


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Rainforest Action Network's Next Step to Get Fashion Out of Indonesian Forests
Rainforest Action Network's (RAN) "Don't bag Indonesia's rainforest" campaign has had

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