Quote of the Day: Performer Dita Von Teese on Vintage Clothing and Becoming an Accidental Ecoista

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I started buying vintage originally because I couldn’t afford the kinds of designer clothes that appealed to me, and I saw that many of the designers I liked best were referencing the 1930s, 40s and 50s. So for instance I would see a Vivienne Westwood suit in a magazine, and then I would buy a 1940’s suit and have it tailored to my corseted waist and padded hips. I always felt like a very ordinary looking girl, and I found that dressing in a unique way made me feel less ordinary and more glamorous.

I also used clothes as a way to counteract my extreme shyness when I was younger. I wore a lot of extravagant vintage hats, which can make people somewhat intimidated. I think people will only approach if they have something very, very interesting to say to the girl in the outrageous hat!

I love vintage clothes because they seem to make extravagance less costly to obtain, and I like to imagine the story behind each piece. Who wore it, where did she wear it, and who did she meet? Was it her favorite hat? Did she save up for it? I love the mystery of vintage clothes.

—Dita Von Teese, burlesque performer, model, and Marilyn Manson ex, in an April 2009 interview with EcoStiletto.

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