Quote of the Day: Mark Dwight on Form, Function, and Footprint

Mark Dwight

Photo credit: Rickshaw Bagworks
The marriage of form and function has yielded a generation of elegant, ergonomic, extraordinarily functional and economical products. Great design is no longer confined to high-end goods, as mass marketers such as Target have partnered with top designers to "democratize" great design. We are indeed in a golden age of product design.

But we are on the threshold of a revolution—the dawn of a new age — where sustainability will be the means and the measure of success. Soaring energy costs, rising labor rates, resource scarcity, economic hardship and ecological degradation are all forcing us to rethink our profligate ways. This is the Sustainability Revolution—the dawn of the Age of Sustainability—an age when we must confront the fragility of our habitat and the scarcity of our natural resources. It is time for us to collaborate with nature—to learn from the models of sustainability that nature has perfected over billions of years, and to develop products and processes that mimic these proven exemplars.

—Mark Dwight, CEO of Rickshaw Bagworks, in a Feb 8, 2009 blog post
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