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A few ways to other ways to green your time-keeping: use your cell phone for a phone and a clock, don't wear a watch and just ask your friends for the time, make your own sun-dial. Or, if you just want a watch or enjoy accessories, Quicksilver, maker of surf products, now has a watch that is 86% recyclable. For the most part, taking your watch into be fixed is the most eco thing you can do with your watch, but if your watch gets run over and cannot be brought back from the dead, then its helpful to have a watch that can be deconstructed and recycled back into its individual parts.

Quicksilver designed this watch to be made with recyclable materials - ebony wood from sustainably managed forests, stainless steel, and mineral glass. The links are all solvent free and the watch uses automatic movement, which means it does not need a battery, thus extending the life to 10 years instead of 18 months for a battery-powered watch. The watch itself has a "chunky" look to it and is probably more of a man's watch, though it could certainly be worn by women. This chunky watch style is currently in fashion.The eco design also used 30% less packaging, 80% fewer CO2 emissions during production. In addition, the watches were shipped via boat instead of air to also reduce the carbon footprint of the watch. This will certainly add an additional cost to the watch, as was recently reported (registration required) that the rising price of a barrel of oil is also increasing the cost of international shipping.

The site also includes a video that shows the virtual construction of the watch.

At $500 USD, the watch doesn't come cheap. Hopefully you can make the watch last as long as you do. Only 1000 available at this time and they come in both brown and black bands. The watches will be available November 2008.

Like many of the surf companies, Quiksilver now offers eco-clothing for women and men made from organic and recycled materials. "Don't destroy what you came to enjoy."

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