Pssst! Michelle Obama, Consider These Green Ball Gowns

inaugural ball
What will Michelle Obama wear to the Inaugural ball? The fashion pages are full of frenzied speculation about which designer will be chosen to design her dress. Oscar de la Renta (Laura Bush and Hilary), or Narcisco Rodriguez ( Obama's victory rally)? Or what about something green and eco-friendly. We have a few suggestions.

Why not a dress of recycled tee-shirts (pictured) by Angela Johnson--completely one of a kind since each dress is created from tee-shirts which have been hand picked from whatever is at hand at the time of making. Perhaps Michelle's could be made of left-over Obama campaign tee-shirts....

obama  inaugural ball-gown photo

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Or what about a dress made of recycled men’s ties. This one uses about 36 to 42 ties and for sure no one else will be wearing the same thing.

plastic ball

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If she really wants to make an environmental statement, then the plastic ball gown made from left-over waste sheets of plastic film is just the thing. In a flattering pale blue, with the bodice made up of take-away mustard packages, this is sure to make a fashion statement that will be noted around the world.

What we do know is that whatever Michelle chooses, someone will "a) massacre it; b) ridicule her; c) discover that it cost an absurd amount, or d) reveal that it was economical, but only because the beads were hand-sewn by grossly underpaid illegal immigrants sweating night and day in New York's garment district. " A Miss America contestant will be sporting a green gown, why not the First Lady? Great Green Goods and The Times

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