Preview Hessnatur by Miguel Adrover's Spring 2009 Collection

hessnatur dress spring 2009 image

Hessnatur's 100% Silk Georgette Tunic. Image courtesy of Bullfrog and Baum.

Following the success of Hessnatur by Miguel Adrover's New York Fashion Week show in September, comes the wearable Spring 2009 collection. While we loved the fashion-meets-art exhibit during fashion week, here are some real-world pieces that will add flare to your existing wardrobe. This 100% Silk Georgette Tunic Dress (above), for example, is one of my favorites from the new collection. Both the print and shape were inspired by butterflies, making this dress perfect for a stroll on the beach or a cocktail party come spring.

Read on for how Hessnatur uses silk and leather in the collection, plus more photos of the highly coveted Spring 2009 collection.

hessnatur blue linen short suit

Hessnatur's Organic Linen Jacket and Shorts. Image Credit: Bullfrog and Baum.

This stunning short suit was one of the first items to catch my eye. Made from 100% organic linen, the shorts and jacket are finely woven with a mottled color and the result is a beautiful cornflower blue. Both are lined with silk and can be worn together or as separates as elegant basics.

hessnatur red jacket

Cropped Leather Jacket
Image Credit: Bullfrog and Baum
I know not all TreeHugger's are fans of leather, but I must admit it is a luxury that I like to indulge in whether it be secondhand, or in this case, eco-friendlier; made as a byproduct of meat production and chrome-free. This 100 percent lamb-leather coat is tanned tomato red without chrome, a heavy metal that can lead to allergic reactions. The body of the jacket is lined with organic cotton and the sleeves with silk; this jacket is clearly a statement piece.
Tell us below, is this fashion statement worth buying leather?

hessnatur dress

Silk Georgette Dress. Image Credit: Bullfrog and Baum.

This longer version of the Georgette tunic dress, inspired by nature with a batik butterfly design, would look perfect on an eco-celebrity like Daryl Hannah. The dark blue dress made from one piece of fabric is made from organic silk produced by worms who only eat leaves from bio-dynamically grown mulberry trees. Because of this, the worms create longer and finer silk strands, according to the brand. Not only is the silk a higher quality, but the working conditions are said to be better in that a fair income is ensured by Hessnatur. More jobs are created as a result of the manual labor needed to sustain the bio-dynamic agriculture and fulfill Hessnatur's demand.

Unfortunately, for those of us living in the U.S., Hessnatur is not available in stores but only through their catalog (printed on 100 percent recycled paper, of course), which can be requested at

What's your favorite piece from the collection? Comment below.

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